Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Viera Wetlands 7/29/13

You guessed it, this cicada did not impale itself on the branch....

This Loggerhead Shrike looks a bit guilty.

Sure enough, it was the "butcher bird"!

 I was a bit annoyed with myself that I got busy following this Ceraunus Blue and missed the impaling event.

At least I got my first photo of this tiny, colorful butterfly with its wings open.

Ceraunus Blue

Another slow day for birds, but lots of butterflies still around.

Phaon Crescent

Southern Dogface

Dainty Sulphur


  1. As our Shrike .. Congratulations Tammy .. Very good sequence .. And pretty pictures of butterflies.. Cheers!!!..

  2. Wonderful images, as yours always are! Love those butterflies. :)

  3. Hi there - they dont call them butcher birds for nothing!

    The two osprey posts are remarkable!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: WBW links always welcome!

  4. Beautiful pictures Tammy.
    Photo 2 and 3 are my favorite.

  5. I love the Shrikes Tammy, I use to love watching them in my mates back yard in Miami, and the butterflies, I didn't realise there was so many similar to ours.
    Take care Gordon.

  6. laughing at 'vlad the impaler' shrike. :)

  7. Phenomenal Tammy! I love how you start your posts; always with a good sense of humour. Great macro work too Tammy!

  8. Great stuff Tammy, really interesting set, it's so easy to get distracted by things going on around you when are taking pictures, it was a nice distraction though :-)

  9. Another great set Tammy. I'm liking these butterfly and dragonfly posts.

  10. Hola Tammy magnificas tomas,me gustan las primeras del Alcaudon con la presa ensartada.Un abrazo

  11. Spectaculares imágenes una vez más tammy. Me encantan
    Saludos desde Extremadura

  12. Love the blue butterfly I surely would of missed the impalement for that. Great shots as always.

  13. Wow, amazing detail on that meal. The butterflies are beautiful.

  14. Great series! The Shrike is a really interesting bird. That's a beautiful butterfly that I have yet to see - I understand the distraction!

  15. Tammy, cool shots of the Loggerhead Shrike and I love all the butterflies. Gorgeous photos, happy weekend to you!

  16. Yeah it's always sad to miss a good impaling event, but sweet shots nonetheless!

  17. Back to comment on this fantastic post!
    How unusual to capture this Shrike with its impaled prey!
    And a cicada to top it all!
    Tammy, as I admire the quality of your dragonfly pics, I was wondering if you'd be interested in publishing posts about them on:
    It would be a must for us since you show such different and beautiful species...
    Enjoy your Sunday, keep well!

    1. Hi Noushka, the odonatas blog is wonderful! I really admire your work. I would be happy to do a post on the dragons I see here. I only have very basic knowledge of these beauties, but am trying to learn more:)

  18. Brilliant Shrike Tammy, and the butterflies, they are superb.

  19. Great pictures of the Loggerhead Shrike and the butterfly, good sharpness and fine colours.


  20. Hi Tammy
    Lovely serie,the first photos of the shrike are my favorites but of course the butterflies are stunning too.
    have a nice week

  21. Hi Tammy, great photos :)

    Ten ptaszek przypomiana trochę Dzieżby które moge spotkać w swoim kraju jak Srokosz czy Gąsiorek :-)

    Greetings from Poland :))

  22. I'm kind of glad you missed the impaling moment :) The actual bug on a stick was gruesome enough! In direct contrast your butterfly pictures are full of fairy-tale fluffiness and beauty. Gorgeous shots Tammy.

  23. Those are some terrific shots of butterflies! And it looks like the bird is having a hearty meal. ;)
    Have a happy weekend Tammy!
    xo Catherine

  24. The whole story unfolds before your eyes and you captured it.

    No need to witness the bugs final moments. ;-)

    Great pics Tammy!

  25. Hello Tammy,
    Thanks for your reply, I am glad to read your positive answer to my invitation on "Libellules de France".
    It would not be just for one post, though, if you become an author, it would be for publishing several posts per season.
    Please contact me by E-mail:
    So we can discuss this further! :)
    Good luck with work, I can imagine what it is like after 2 month holiday!
    Keep well!

  26. Fantastic captures of the Loggerhead Shrike aka 'butcher bird':) I spotted one but didn't know what bird it was. Thanks for the ID.
    Your butterfly distraction payed-off big time Tammy. Each butterfly is a beauty.
    Happy day to you n lil' guy ~:)

  27. Hey Tammy,
    Very good shots of that hungry bird. Great moment you've caught there.
    The shots of the butterflies are really fantastic too. Shot 4 and 8 are my favorites, they are very well done Tammy!!

    Many greetings,


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