Monday, July 22, 2013

Wetland Butterflies

What makes for a great day of bug hunting...very few birds to see (it's just that time of the year), even fewer people in the area (not so many people looking at me like I'm crazy for laying/crawling in the dirt), and being sans toddler (3 year olds do not enjoy being still or quiet for long periods). So, my Saturday visit to the wetlands, which happened to be open to foot traffic only (which means significantly less people), while the toddler was spending the day with grandparents made for the perfect day to go exploring with my macro lens...

~Dainty Sulphur~ 

The Dainty Sulphur is a small butterfly that is found year round throughout Florida. I also saw several Cabbage White butterflies (also part of the sulphur family), which are pretty dull compared to the Dainty.

~Ceraunus Blue~

This was the first Ceraunus Blue that I've found. These butterflies are really small (3/4-1 inch) and easy to overlook. They are considered common and found year round in Florida. The species is very similar to the Cassius Blue. The Cassius, however, has 2 spots on the hindwing, where the Ceraunus only has one.

~Gray Hairstreak~

I think hairstreaks are some of the most interesting butterflies. Most (but not all) are identified by a small protruding "hair" at the bottom of its tail. This Gray Hairstreak was feeding on some Shepard's Needles, one of its favorite nectar sources.

~White Peacock~

White Peacocks are common throughout Florida and were the most abundant species I saw.

~Gulf Fritillary~

I observed both species of fritillaries laying eggs.

~Variegated Fritillary~


Queen butterflies are always delightful to see. Queens are cousins of a species they strongly resemble, the Monarchs. Both of these "milkweed butterflies" are part of the same subfamily and are known to lay their eggs on various types of milkweed. The ingestion of milkweed contributes to the defense of these species as it makes them toxic to predators.

~Fiery Skipper~

Most Skippers have large, moth-like bodies, small wings, and hooked antennae.

~Checkered Skipper~

The Common Checkered Skipper is found throughout Florida. These skippers like open areas with bare ground and low growing vegetation. Adults feed from a wide variety of flowers.

~Southern Skipperling~

The Southern Skipperling is the smallest skipper in North America. This little fellow sure was tiny!

Some of the other species that I saw but didn't get any presentable photos of were Zebra Long-wings, Spicebush Swallowtails, Sleepy Oranges, and Cabbage White butterflies. So long for now....  next up the damselflies and dragonflies of the wetlands:)


  1. Hi Tammy, you continue to amaze me with not only your stunning images but also the amount of information you have compiled about all the wildlife you post about.

    Your the best source and reference I know when it come to Florida- thanks for sharing your images and knowledge Tammy.
    Have a great week ~:)

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Great photos of these beautiful butterflies.
    Some see you see here only in a butterfly garden.

  3. that white peacock made me want to break out my pencils for a drawing! if i was in to self-punishment, that is... :) a lovely set of shots! we get some sulphers, skippers, queens, fritillaries and hairstreaks - i'm with you on the hairstreaks. they fascinate me, too.

  4. Beautiful shots Tammy. You have some lovely butterflies out there, very jealous.

  5. Asi que también eres una especialista en Macro?. Tammy eres una fotógrafa escepcional.
    saludos desde Extremadura

  6. Wat een heerlijke vlinder serie laat je hier zien,en zoveel mooie soorten.

  7. Hola Tammy toda una maravilla de fotos de estas bellas mariposas.Un abrazo

  8. Fantastic macro.. Well done!!!.. Gorgeous pictures. .Kisses..

  9. Tammy, as always, wonderful photography! I agree with you that Hairsteak Butterflies are very interesting to photograph and identify. Each region has a different mix so its always nice to see what other people are looking at. Keep up the great work!-Dwayne

  10. I love all your insect photos! Well...maybe the beetle not so much. LOL!
    I have set to have a good butterfly or dragonfly sighting. Hopefully soon!
    xo Catherine

  11. WOW!
    You really have magnificent butterflies, it' so great to discover them through your lens: your pics are gorgeous!
    The White peacock and the Golf fritillary are lepidos I'd love to see!
    BRILLIANT, Tammy!

  12. Wonderful images Tammy... many thanks for sharing.

  13. Really nice shots Tammy! Great detail! Being alone in the wetlands was good thing for you!

  14. Amazing pictures of insects Tammy. This was some colorful and beautiful butterflies.


  15. What a visual treat!

    I hope I'm fortunate enough to see some of these when we're in Florida January and February.

  16. Magnificent images; this makes me homesick for wishing to be in Florida.

  17. Preciosas imagenes...un beso desde Murcia....muy bonitas....

  18. You have a great wildlife near by you Tammy!
    Very nice Pictures as Always:=)
    Greetings /Kenny

  19. What a really nice series! I keep promising to go on a "butterfly" shoot, but always end up being distracted by those darn birds! :)

  20. I just loved the butterflies, they are so beautiful when out birding a few butterfly pics canbe found among my birds thanks for all the info I learned alot from your blog. cindy one of the Two Oldbirders

  21. Hi Tammy
    Absolutely stunning macroserie of this lovely butterflies
    Have a nice evening

  22. Hi Tammy !
    So then the lady has gone for macro hunting ! Superb pics of the butterflies. My favourite is the White Peacock. Have a Nice week Tammy !

  23. Great set of Butterflies the Grey Hairstreak is particularly striking :-)

  24. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for your words about your dragonflies!
    Now you've given the envy to see your pics....!!!!
    Next publication maybe?! ;-)
    Cheerio, keep well!

  25. Hi Tammy, my thanks for your comment about your toddlers sharing- it gave me a good chuckle ~:)

    Have a great week. Hugs the lil' one.

  26. Tammy, this is a wonderful collection of butterfly images!


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