Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Warblers

As this past Sunday afternoon was slipping away and I was slightly sulking at the thought that the weekend had passed without any birding, I spotted a pleasant surprise. Right in my own backyard lurked this Black-throated Blue Warbler. While conditions were poor for any decent photos, I grabbed my camera to attempt to capture my first photos of this species. I slowly approached the area and the warbler quickly retreated into the brush. I stood motionless for a while and the warbler returned for a little foraging right out in the open.

Black-throated Blue Warbler

I noticed quite a bit of movement in a neighboring  tree and then spotted this Blackpoll Warbler.

Blackpoll Warbler 

This warbler wasn't nearly as shy as the Black-throated. It bounced rapidly from branch to branch, stopping occasionally to glance in my direction.

A few minutes later, in the same tree, I came across a third warbler speices, an American Redstart. I was starting to think I was having a mini fall out in my yard!

This American Goldfinch also stopped by my bird feeder to check out my limited facilities. A few minutes later, the Cardinals moved in and displaced the Goldfinch.

I have never seen any of these species in my yard before and was excited to get to see them close up. Here are a few of the "regulars" that do drop by often...


Red-shouldered Hawk

Painted Bunting

Red-bellied Woodpecker


  1. You are having a great migration in your backyard. Great shots of all these tough little birds. I just saw my first black throated blue last night at Fort Desoto. I think you had more birds in your yard.

  2. Wonderful array of birds, Tammy
    My favorite pictures are 10 and 12.
    Regards, Irma

  3. oh, each of those warblers and the redstart are gorgeous! so very cool!

    i saw my first indigo bunting here this week! can't wait for our painteds to return!

  4. A great variety Tammy and all nicely caught. Stunning colours on some of them.

  5. O wat krijg je veel en hele mooie vogels in je tuin,geweldig.

  6. Impresionantes tammy. Un saludo desde Extremadura

  7. Que bonitas capturas Tammy.Saludos

  8. Hola Tammy bellas capsturas de diferentes especies de tu pais.Un abrazo

  9. Really neat to see all that in your own yard. Can certainly empathize with the sulking, seems we feel cheated when not able to bird.Love the Black poll warbler that would be a new one for me. Good job.

  10. Hey Tammy! Seems like the first time your yard has featured, and what a good job it does in bringing in the birdies!
    Great shots

  11. Great pics Tammy, you have some really colourful Warblers there :-)

  12. Good morning Tammy! .. Beautiful birds virtually unknown to me .. Congratulations on your photos ..

  13. WOW!
    What a post!!
    All this in your backyard!
    Fantastic spottings and great images considering the weather and difficulties!
    Well done Tammy!

  14. That, Tammy, is pure jammyness taken to the highest degree, What fantastic shots I'm jealous ;-)
    All the very best Gordon.

  15. Gotta love that Blackpoll! Nice shots.

  16. Dang those are some crazy good yard birds! Jealous of the warblers and love the shot of the Red-shouldered Hawk... Awesome!

  17. You have a great variety here!

  18. Hey Tammy,
    It's always enjoyment to see your shots of much different birds.
    Great to see how you photographed them so well. My compliments to you!!

    Yesterday I was trying to photographing birds in my garden, but I found the results no good enough,..hmm..!!

    Many greetings,

  19. Hi Tammy!
    Lovely bird serie. Beautiful photos and stunning birds.
    Greetings from Sweden

  20. Oh, great! I travel for hours and can't find these birds 'cause they're partying in your yard!

    Wonderful shots and what a neat opportunity!

  21. Lucky lucky you- I'm green with envy Tammy.
    I did have a female Painted bunting visit. I have the same birdfeeder as yours ~:)

  22. These are all amazing birds. So different from our own. They would all be new birds to add to my lifelist. When the Warbler Invasion happens, you have to stop and really watch who's coming to visit! All great birds!


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