Friday, April 19, 2013

Beach Birds

 The Least Terns have returned to the area! I saw my FOY Least Tern on Easter morning along the Indian River near my house. This week I saw a dozen of them at the beach near Jetty Park. These tiny terns are rather boisterous and I usually detect their presence upon hearing their distinctive calls. Luckily for this Least Tern, very few gulls were at the beach today so it wasn't harassed when it arrived on the beach with a fish!

Over the past two months, the Royal Terns have been developing their breeding plumages. Breeding plumages can only mean one thing!

Courtship appears to be going well!

Among the large group of Royal Terns and Black Skimmers, there was this lone Sandwich Tern. The tern is also developing its black cap.

I've been to Jetty Park twice over the past two weeks and both times there have been ten or more banded Royal Terns among the large flock. I've only been able to read a few of the many numbers on the bands.

Today, I saw this banded Ruddy Turnstone. The colored flags are much easier to read!

As I walked along the surf, the Skimmers were making their way to the water to cool off.

One skimmer made its way to the water followed by the entire at a time!


  1. I am so envious of your photos. They are so beautiful. Love all of these birds and they are treat for me to see when I have the opportunity. The lighting and detail are perfect on these shots. Wonderfully captured Tammy!

  2. the terns are such characters! but the skimmers are so unique! that underbite is just amazing! love all these birds i don't get to see here.

  3. These are all awesome shots. I especially loved the Terns! The skimmers are a favorite too. Happy Birding!

  4. Intensely good pictures...I rarely get to see Royals with black caps, they are lookers.

    Maybe I will visit the beach tomorrow for once...

  5. You've got beautiful light and colors in these tern images.

  6. Great photos of these terns, Tammy.
    Photo 4, 10 and 11 are my favorite.
    The exposure and details are totally awesome.
    Have a great weekend.
    Regards, Irma

  7. Great set of pictures! like the black skimmer,I have not seen one yet. Was hoping to last weekend, but didnt. Love to see the differnt birds that are up in that area, not always down here.

  8. What a terrific set of pics again Tammy, so clear and sharp, I think flagging is going to take over world wide, when the bird is the right size, as it makes it much easier to read.
    All the best Gordon.

  9. Hi again Tammy !
    Some lovely and nice Pictures of the Tern you have made here. It seems to be som babybirds in the coming month.
    Take care and have a relaxing weekend !

  10. Your Tern shots are outta this world Tammy! Great photos. I'm hoping to snag some of these pretty birds on a Florida wedding trip in a few weeks.

    Are you sure those Royals are mating, and not just practicing their circus act?
    To be fair, it could be both...

    1. Cool! What part of Florida are you coming to? I kinda though maybe the terns saw the tandem surf contest that was in town a few weeks back and were giving it a try...

  11. Great shots, Tammy. We don't get Least Terns here, so great to see those, but we get plenty of Turnstones and the occasional Sandwich Tern passing through!

  12. Hello Tammy,
    These shots are really amazing!! Great to see the first with the little fish. The other shots with all love affairs are so funny. Beautiful how you photographed them so well.
    That special birds I've never seen before, thanks for sharing!!

    Many greetings,

  13. Glad to see you're back at the beach. I love seeing the birds by the water. The Terns seem to be such characters, love the shots where they're doubled up.

  14. Your images are just fabulous! Thanks for another great post. Beautiful!

    Sunday greetings from out here on the water in Port Canaveral,

  15. What a nice series of beach birds! Superb quality. Thank you for sharing these! Love the flight shots of the Skimmer!

  16. Superb Tammy, those Terns are just stunning, all so sharp :-)

  17. Hi Tammy!
    Wow, i love your tern photos.
    Have a nice week

  18. Hola Tammay bellas imagenes de estas aves de costa.Un abrazo

  19. Wonderful set of pictures - the light looks so bright. I work with a group that bands turnstones, but our leg flags are yellow!

    I'd love to see a skimmer!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. Oh Tammy, in the picture 5 the birds seem posing for you!!
    what a nice serie!!!!
    I had the luck, photographing in a falconry, with a 18-200 DX zoom only. It was so difficult to capture the flight. I really appreciate your works and see how much passion you put on !!!
    many greetings,


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