Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Talbot Island State Park

We spent this past weekend camping at Little Talbot Island State Park in northeast Florida. It was my first visit to the park and it surely won't be my last. Little Talbot Island is one of seven parks that make up the Talbot Island State Parks.

The campground is on the west side of the park on Myrtle Creek, nestled among large Live Oaks and Palms. Here is a picture of the marsh at low tide. The Park Rangers notified us when we arrived that there had been some flooding  the past few days at high tide. It was quite a sight to see the tide come in, right on in to our site.

Luckily the water receded nearly as quickly as it came in.

Little Talbot Island is one of the few remaining uninhabited barrier islands in this part of Florida. The park has  nearly 5 miles of beaches, were are about a quarter mile from the campground. I observed an abundance of shorebirds, mostly Black Skimmers, from the boardwalk. There weren't any people on the beach this blustery day and I didn't want to disturb the birds that were trying to get some rest in the 25+ knot winds.

Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, a female and a juvenile, spend the afternoon foraging in the trees in our campsite.

I saw a few Carolina Chickadees around.

The campground wasn't overly birdy. A few others I saw were Yellow-rumped Warblers, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and a Barred Owl. We look forward to coming back and checking out some of the other parks in the area. We did stop at Huguenot Memorial Park, which is really close by. I'll share some photos from there later in the week.


  1. beautiful sapsucker pics! the high tide would be a bit disconcerting!

  2. i'm always a fan of chickadees ... so cute. great shots! (:

  3. Beautiful captures of the two Sapsuckers.. love the little Chickadee too.
    Glad your little birder didn't get washed away. Thanks for sharing another road trip.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy.

  4. A beautiful place to camp! Even with the high tide, it would be fun. Nice shots of the sapsuckers and chickadee! 'Overly birdy'? LOL! I like it!

  5. Great to hear about this park, Tammy!

  6. Tammy, it's so considerate of you to not want to disturb the birds on such a windy day :) I love the closeup of the Sapsucker and the way the rippled pattern of the bark repeats itself in the bird's feathers.

  7. Sound like a fab place Tammy and no doubt an excellent variety of birds there as well.

  8. !Qué cantidad de aves!. Preciosos pájaros carpinteros y excelentes fotos Tammy.

  9. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker! What a great name! Great photos, as usual Tammy!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  10. Brilliant series with lots to see, like Chickadee, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and plenty more.

  11. Hola Tammy!!!... Bonitos parajes para la Observación de aves.. (Birding)..

  12. Hi Tammy!
    Lovely photos and nice reading as allways.
    Greetings from Sweden

  13. Great photos Tammy, especially picture 4 and 5, this bird is not here.

  14. Hey Tammy,
    Funny shots of the birds!!
    That must have been very exciting with all that water.

    Many greetings,

  15. That would be exciting an exciting place to camp:) Although I have to admit, I'd put that tent back further:) Sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing break from birds and giving those eyes a break:) It appears there was lots of other things to keep you busy. Love your pics from the trip. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Talk about a waterfront campsite! I look forward to exploring that area. Terrific report and the images captured the "aura" of the day - blustery!


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