Saturday, May 5, 2012

Like Oil and Water

Who doesn't love to see sweet, fluffy baby ducks...

I know I do! I was lucky enough this week to discover a brand new family at a park just a few minutes from my house. I came back to see them on Friday morning, and was greeted in the parking lot by this great raptor, a bird that I am also very fond of.

The lyrics "do you see what I see" popped into my head.

I thought I heard the Caracara respond "yes, I do". I am fond of observing Caracaras and ducklings, however, I am not too fond of observing the ducklings along side the Crested Caracara. I know while I'm thinking the ducklings look adorable, I know the Caracara is thinking they look delicious..

We both watched the ducklings from our own respective positions.

The Caracara even got alittle bored after awhile.

Big yawn...

Luckily, I do NOT have any terrible news to share. I'm hoping there are still ten little ducklings on my next visit!


  1. Preciosa entrada amiga Tammy. Echo de menos un traductor. Saludos desde Extremadura.

  2. Tammy, I love ducklings too, they are fuzzballs with lovely eyes! I'm glad the Caracara didn't make a meal of them!

  3. Hello again Tammy !
    Here you have captured a nice family situation with the ducks. It seems to be a dangerous environment for the little chicks ? It will be some weeks until I can meet children ducks here in Norway, looking foreward to that. Have a nice photoweekend !

  4. ¡Preciosa rapaz!. Las fotos de los patitos son formidables y muy tiernas.

  5. Schöne Bilder von der Entenfamilie auch der Greifvogel ist klasse.


  6. That Raptor is stunning. But i hope that those little ducklings are ok when you visit next.

    Valleys ShutterBug

  7. great shots of both! you got wonderful shots of that caracara! i see them here on occasion and think they are so neat!

  8. That's lovely, the ducklings and the Crested Caracara, which I love, beautiful photos.

  9. Bellas imagenes .
    Saludos y abrazos.

  10. Stunning bird of prey! I fear for the ducklings with such a magnificent bird about!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  11. I've never seen a raptor like that! Our ducks are just starting to think about laying eggs.

  12. Well 10 little duckling would be lucky, considering all the dangers around them!
    What an extraordinary encounter this Caracara.
    Your pics ares fabulous, especially the first one of this bird!
    And I love your sense of humor! LOL
    Keep well Tammy and happy birding!

  13. Wow! Great close-ups on the Caracara!

  14. Beautiful images. I'm glad it was a good ending for the ducklings, too.

  15. Oh it's nice over here! Love birds ~ your ducklings are too too cute!
    Happy Saturday!
    xo Catherine

  16. Wow, Thanks Tammy - what an impressive bird that Crested Caracara is and your photos are stunning and great fun to look at! Those ducklings are so adorable but yes, I can imaging the combination is not good news for the ducklings!!

  17. Super close up portraits there Tammy, very nice indeed.

  18. Super shots! Caracaras are one of my favorite birds, and your pictures them rare justice!

  19. All are great shots but the first two raptor shots are really, really nice!

  20. Very tender and full of life, the second take of amazing sharpness images.

    Best regards.

  21. Great title, but I fear oil will battle water and win.

    Your pics are magnificent!

  22. Hello Tammy,
    Wonderful shots!! Very funny to see the little ducks. The shots of the caracara are really amazing, what a beautiful bird.
    It's bad to see that other big birds are watching for their pray, but that's unfortunately the nature. Maybe it's all well and survive the little ducks, let's hope..!!

    Many greetings,

  23. Great shots. Let's hope the ducklings are still there on your next visit. I'm sure the raptor can find something else to eat!

  24. Hi Tammy!
    Lovely photos as allways, but this time im i´n love!
    Greetings from Sweden

  25. Hola Tammy una excelente secuencia de esta rapaz que aqui en España no tenemos,que por cierto con un pico muy peculiar.Un fuerte abrazo

  26. Wonderful shots as always, Tammy.
    Love to see those ducklings, they're so adorable.

  27. Indeed...very, very nice! Well done!

  28. oooh, for a moment I got goose bumps!! The caracara looks majestic but I did cross my fingers for the fluffy little ducklings and their mother..
    Great,wonderful history you showed us today!!! thank you!

  29. Lovely captures of the fuzzy little ducklings. I am always in awe of your bird photos, Tammy.
    Thanks for sharing their beauty.


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