Thursday, August 16, 2012

Viera Wetlands 8/16/12

My son and I took a long overdue trip to the wetlands this morning. I had planned on walking the loops, so I was happy to see the "open to foot traffic only" sign waiting to welcome us. The birds were very active at this early hour, especially with the absence of human activity. The first cell continued to be occupied by a plethora of Great Egrets mixed with a few other waders, including Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets, and Ibises. We saw a large flock of female Red-winged Blackbirds gathered together in the reeds.

Female Red-winged Blackbird

We came upon this young Loggerhead Shrike, a cute little fellow,  standing on top of a headless palm.

Juvenile Loggerhead Shrike

Several cells had very low water levels, which appeared to be attractive to a group of Least and Spotted Sandpipers.

Least Sandpiper

This lone Black-necked Stilt stood nearby.

Black-necked Stilt

The Stilt was soon join by a second Stilt. The Stilts were enjoying the company of one another, until...

Black-necked Stilts

A Tricolored Heron tried to join them. But, as the saying goes, three is a crowd.

Black-necked Stilts & Tricolored Heron

 The pair of Stilts decided to move along.

The action was not limited to just the land; birds were passing by overhead continually.  Unfortunately, I was a little to slow to capture most of them.

Roseate Spoonbill

Little Blue Heron


  1. such a great collection of birds! love the shrike and the stilts. would love to see a tri-color, too!

  2. Wonderful Tammy. Your shorebird photography never ceases to amaze.

  3. love the clarity and composition of your photos. great bird shots

  4. Magnificas capturas de estas aves.Saludos

  5. Certainly like the variety of species you seem to get Tammy. Lovely shots as ever.

  6. Delightful series of photos today. So glad I stopped by. I was enamoured by the reflections!!

  7. Gorgeous captures as always, Tammy. You and your son encounter a wonderful array of birds on your walk through wetlands.

  8. As usual very nice pictures, you are really good Tammy.

    Greetings, Joop

  9. Just wonderful!
    The flights are terrific, especially that of the Spoonbill!
    How I wish we could that many species where I live!
    Congratulations Tammy!

  10. Gorgeous captures as always, you are really good Tammy.
    Greetings Irma

  11. What a terrific series of birds. The Loggerhead Shrike is quite nice, really like the first Stilt and its reflection. As always your photos are superb. Thanks Tammy.

  12. Hi Tammy!!!.. Nice pictures.. Very good flights and beautiful mirror in the lake... Congrat and a hug

  13. Hi Tammy, you have a lucky son, having a mother taking him out in this beautiful nature situatins ! Maybe he will have his own camera soon ? Have a nice photoweekend both of you !

  14. You really have a nice selection of birds here. That Juvenile Loggerhead Shrike is precious.

  15. Hi Tammy!
    Amazing bird serie as allways.
    Greetings from Sweden

  16. Impresionantes tammy que variedad y buen hacer. me encantan las fotos. Saludos desde Extremadura.

  17. Wonderful series as always, Tammy, love your photos!
    I'd love to see all those beautiful birds here.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  18. Brilliant images, the best are definitely the Stilts, they are superb.

  19. Wow, I really love the Shrike Tammy. Great image and a superb bird.

  20. Hallo Tammy, all images are so great, delighting.. and the reflexes in the water do double the pleasure of seing the beautiful birds.
    thank you, have a wonderful Sunday

  21. I love the reflections. Very, very nice!


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