Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Joys of Parenting

"Mom, mom, mama..."

juvenile Florida Scrub Jay


"I'm hungry!"


~sibling rivalry~ "I had it first!"

feuding juvenile Scrub Jays

"NO, I had it first"

"Is it naptime yet???" asks mama.

adult Florida Scrub Jay

"Play with me, mom!"

adult and juvenile Black Vultures

"Time to eat!"

juvenile & adult Anhingas

"Time to eat again!"

juvenile & adult Common Gallinules

"I can do it all by myself!"

juvenile & adult Sandhill Cranes

"I need help!"

 adult Red-shouldered Hawk

"I don't want to eat snake again!"

juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

~more sibling rivalry~ "You move, I was here first!"

juvenile Anhingas

While parenting can be demanding, one look into a sweet, innocent, little face and we are reminded how lucky we are to hold the title of parents!


  1. ze hebben het ook niet makkelijk,maar wat heb je ze mooi in beeld gebracht,fantastisch.

  2. Fantastic shots! you are fortunate to have so many different subjects.

  3. Preciosas capturas Tammy.Un abrazo

  4. so dang cute! loved the hawk with the snake in flight! loved the baby gallinule, too. so darn ugly/cute!

  5. Impresionantes Tammy.
    Saludos desde Extremadura

  6. How adorable .Would love to see a scrub jay. What a great idea you had for all the babies that have hatched.

  7. These are all very good but the one of the hawk carrying the snake is REALLY good!

  8. Very good pictures .. Nice description and very touching .. I love jay So different to España. The gallinule chicken super fun .. And Ahinga espetacular. Great post Tammy. Congratulations ... Many greetings from Madrid.

  9. So many great shots but since scrub jays are still on my list, I think those are my favorites.

  10. Hola Tammmy magnifico repertorio de aves nos muestras.Un abrazo

  11. What a fantastic set if immages Tammy, I'm not going to pic one out from the rest as they are all great. and reading through your little story, i'm thinking I bet you tell the TOT some great stories.
    Take care Gordon.

  12. I really enjoyed all the narratives lol. All of the photo are fantastic!

  13. A lovely collection of pics Tammy, brilliant.

  14. Beautiful pictures of the birds.
    They are all great, my compliments.
    Regards, Irma

  15. As you well know Tammy- parenting is not for sissy's- but has great rewards.
    Fun scenario to go with your awesome captures. Your the best Tammy- thanks for sharing these outstanding Florida birds.

  16. Hi again Tammy !
    Nice (and funny) story and a lot of good pics again. Wish you a lot of beautiful summer days, even we have got temperatures over 20 degrees C now :-)

  17. Hi Tammy!
    Absolutely stunning serie of parenting. I love the red shouldred hawk with the snake.
    Have a nice day!

  18. Amazing Tammy!!! Frickin' awesome! I see now the differences between the Florida Scrub jay and our Western Scrub Jay. Very slight but enough to pick out. Incredible shots and a thrill up close. You have such clear pics of these birds. There are a lot of birds there I have never seen. But the Red Shouldered Hawk.......epic! I'm glad they eat snakes:)

  19. Awwww Tammy, such a lovely post. You've captured every aspect of parenting here. Some days I would just love to bring home snake for supper, scare my noisy brood into silence :) I was just thinking how I loved the little black duckling on the lily pad the most and you've ended your post with my favourite. What a great picture!

  20. Great post Tammy! This really made me smile.

  21. I've watched my purple martins fly back and forth, bringing food to their babies. It wears me out just watching. Sometimes I think humans may have it a bit easier than the birds so. Cool pics!

  22. wow, i love this series of photos. i really like the one of the hawk in flight.

  23. From reading the captions, it is obvious that you are a parent, Tammy. Outstanding, very fun post filled with superb photographs! How lucky you are to be able to capture so many youngsters with your camera. Oh, how I would love to see a Florida Scrub Jay. Precious images!

  24. Well, it looks like I was a copy cat today and also posted about babies!

    They make great material! Now, if I can only come up with anywhere near the quality of your photographs! Simply superb!

  25. I love seeing all the mammas look after their babies. So sweet!
    Have a happy week Tammy!
    xo Catherine

  26. What a lovely post! I recall seeing these behaviours; the chicks are so demanding! That image of the Anhinga male with juveniles is priceless; never seen anything like it!

  27. Fotografie stupende!! Una felice giornata a Te...ciao

  28. Una serie molto bella e spettacolare...complimenti!

    Un saluto

  29. Beautiful group of photos, great theme!

  30. Super series of images Tammy.

  31. Your Scrub Jay photos are beyond precious Tammy. Only a Mama could have your prospective and sense of humor when it comes to parenting.

    These are all fantastic captures that have that special Wow factor!

    my thanks for sharing the beauty of your bird world.
    Hugs to you and l'il birder ~;)

  32. Good grief!
    I was sure I had left a comment on this post!
    Must have clicked on the wrong key, sorry about that Tammy!!
    What a delightful and interesting series of pictures!
    From parenting to the raptor taking of with a snake... Just fantastic!
    Sincere congrats, enjoy your Sunday!

  33. Such lovely photo album of moms and babies and siblings!! those Sandhill Cranes are such good close ups, you must be able to hide in a blind as they are so timid. Seems like the bird families have many of our human traits as well. And being a parent is such an honour, to shape and hold another life.

  34. Splendid images Tammy, and the story, it made me laugh.

  35. those are some pretty awesome captures! I'm sure all those parents breath a sigh of relief once done!

  36. Awesome captures of the youngins. The parents are busy, love the jay shots. So cute!

  37. You had me chuckling with your comments. The photos are outstanding!

  38. oh gorgeous. Your subtitles made this even better.


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